Emma on the Mac App Store

Hello everyone,

my current company gave me an M1 Macbook and it’s now possible to list the iOS apps on the Mac App Store.
I installed apps such as Headspace or OLIO and also my company app. It’s usually a matter of thicking an option on Xcode, no other changes required.

The app does not need to have an iPad version and does not need to be massively responsive as the iPhone apps keep the iPhone aspect ratio.

I thought that having Emma on the Mac would be really useful. Actually, it was the first app I looked up. Maybe it’s just me and the user base is, of course, super tiny (although it will grow in the future), but I wanted to share the idea.

Thank you for the great work Emma Team!


Yes, we have seen this.

I think it makes sense to wait for an iPad app? I have tried a few and they don’t look great on the M1.

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Probably, but I imagine lots of people would like an Emma app on their iPads too (so something you could build in the future, hopefully)!

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This would be great!

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Or maybe just web access?



Web is in our roadmap! :eyes: