Apple WWDC 2019

Who’s watching the keynote? What are you most excited about?

Which new tech from Apple should we put in Emma? :thinking:

Very, very disappointing on the iOS side.

Dark mode (long overdue) and Memoji’s (:weary:) highlighted as the leading features… really?

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I missed that whole iOS part as I was in meetings. I tuned in when they announced iPad OS and… it made me want to buy an iPad :smile:

“Important Note for Thrill Seekers”

I thought Dark Mode was your thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shame only Apple seem to be able to provide it :slightly_smiling_face:

If I am to be honest, I’m the most excited about the iPad getting mouse support and the option to have multiple instances of the same app running. I’ve not had a computer or laptop since November of last year, so this is exciting. Now I could techincally set up a virtual machine at one off my servers at home and use my iPad as a laptop while home or on the go, if I’d like. As a student having ONLY an iPad and no computer I often work in more than one note at the same time. Having one draft and one final version. Having the option to have them both side by side at the same time is a big win.

In regards to iOS; I like the ‘Log in with Apple’-feature that is mandetory for all apps giving multiple log in options, but it is the same I’m doing manually with my own domain at the moment. However, I like that they are making this easy for less tech savy users.

(EDIT: I’m also excited about Catalyst allowing developers to more easily adopt iPad Apps to Mac OS. In the long run I think this will lead to better apps for both platforms. I hope to see Emma launch an iPad app and a Mac App using this.)

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They are kinda enforcing this. :frowning:

Only if apps offer sign in through third parties (e.g. Facebook, google).

Yes, and I think that’s a good thing. If you offer the option to log in with Facebook/Google in addition to email, you’ve to offer Apple log-in.

Yeah, we need to see if this applies to Emma.

We don’t really use Facebook Login, but do a 2FA with Account Kit.

iOS 13 Public Beta now available to download.


My iPhone is already unstable so I might just install this

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No issues so far on my XR.

iPad crashes though when I split screen apps.

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