Unbudgeted Category Issue

When you go into your budgeting tab> Unbudgeted spend> click any category it opens the set a budget page when all I want to do is see what transactions those were same as you do for any category that has a budget. I don’t want to set a category probably because it’s in the wrong category by default I then have to go all the way back to the analytics page to check the transaction got back to budgets and see how much i’m now over and under budget.

Super clunky and should just not open the set category budget page altogether.



Yes! Agreed.

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Yes, this functionality was changed back on the budgeted categories but has been kept on the other approach just for un-budgeted expenses which is less useful.

You can’t set a budget from the list of transactions? :sob:

I could set a budget however I dont want to acc budget for the category it could be a one off spend i just want to check what it is thats been put in that category but its very convoluted atm

I also don’t want to add a budget. I want to tap unaccounted and then see the transactions that were unaccounted. I can then decide myself what to do.

This could be quite a high value feature if it worked as we’re proposing; I’d certainly find it valuable being able to check the unaccounted transactions easily from this view each month.

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It should work just like the other budgets except they are unbudgeted as long as they work the same as a budgeted category when u click it perfect

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Something else - I don’t think unbudgeted spend shows historically? If I swipe back I want to also see unbudgeted spend for previous months.

This would really be a huge help :crossed_fingers:

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