Month-ahead budget view in Analytics

I’m fairly new to Emma, so it’s possible I’ve missed a setting somewhere that will allow this… but I really have looked!

I’ve set monthly budgets for 8 different spending categories, but because it’s early in the month 5 of those categories (correctly) have no transactions assigned them yet.

Those 5 categories (and their associated budgets) are not currently visible in Analytics for this month. And - as far as I can tell - there is no way to make them visible.

I can see why the default behaviour is to hide categories which have no assigned transactions - it avoids unnecessarily cluttering up the interface.

But I find it slightly odd that there’s apparently no option to expand the default view to show all spending categories (and/or all spending categories with an allocated budget) for the current month.

This is certainly something I would find useful in terms of planning my spending.

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