UI change on splitting transactions

The split transaction function is obviously very useful, but after entering a split it’s all too tempting to hit the big purple button to save. However, this triggers another split. In fact the save function doesn’t have a coloured button at all - and is at the top.
Could the functions be swapped, so that a big purple button saves, which is probably the most common thing to do?


There are various weird UI things on this screen.

Values are still entered in the old way. Ie you fill with digits for decimal places, not a full stop.

Order of custom categories is seemingly random and it’s really awkward finding the right one.

When you enter a value and then a further split, the value you’ve entered changes, when only the uneditable value should change.

A few minor things :joy:

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We can sort this.

You might have noticed we changed the custom categories editing recently.


I was going to raise that. When you add a third leg to the split it halves the second one etc

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