Splitting transactions

When splitting a transaction, the top (non editable) split goes to £0 even if the splits do not add up to the total.
It then errors saying the values do not equal the total.

I tried entering an additional split to contain the value the first split should have, that errored as the top split could not be £0.

Using OnePlus 7 pro phone on Android 11

Appears to happen when any of the splits are changed to £0. I usually delete the automated split value and enter it manually.

Thanks for reporting this, we are checking. :slight_smile:

I’ve found that it breaks if you ever enter a split that means that you’ve exceeded the total transaction value and doesn’t save/saves incorrect values that you never entered. You can get around it by being strategic with the order in which you enter splits (entering lower ones first so you’ve then got a buffer to allocate) if you’ve got a few :laughing:.