Twitter tagging for credits (not just debits)

The “Something wrong? Improve the logo and name!” feature is only available for debits. I would like to be able to make these same updates / suggestions when I have returns or for my employer paycheck. Can this feature also be turned on for credits?

Also, I notice the feature doesn’t seem to be available for debits when it is a direct debit (as opposed to a credit card or debit card purchase). Can this feature also be available for direct debits so that I can add the Twitter for things like my rent payment to OpenRent?


Hey @alliep :wave:

That’s definitely something we can look into adding :blush:

That would be nice, so I can add my company logo to my wage payments if nothing else! :grin:

The reason why this is off is because we don’t really assign merchants for transfers.

We wanted to avoid the use case where a transfer between friends with reference Pizza Hut would get a logo. :slight_smile: It might be a bit confusing if we assign merchants to transfers between accounts.

I didn’t say for person-to-person transfers; I said for direct debits - i.e. my monthly rent. And, for credits, such as returned merchandise to retail stores.

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This is what I want too.

Wouldn’t it only be confusing to an outsider? If I name the Pizza Hut transfer as “friends pizza money” then I know what that means compared to Pizza Hut debiting my account for our delicious lunch.

Alternatively couldn’t you do as OPsuggests and turn it on for everything but transfers.

Think this is a great idea!!