Straight list of accounts?

I am looking to get just a straight list of account with their current balances. Tap the account and see the transactions.

Super simple. No need for gamification clutter. Kills me to see a lot of recent transactions jumped together with no reference to the bank/credit card.

Want to strip away all the distractions…hide them at a minimum. On home page, hide:

  • Recent transaction
  • Money spent this week
  • Ads (unlock Emma pro for example)
  • This month
  • Grocery history
  • What did I spend
  • Ads

Doesn’t the Accounts tab give you what you want?


An entire 1/2 of that screen is consumed by a balance chart (no way to hide it.)

You are only able two see TWO accounts on the entire page, without scrolling.

No way to set that tab as the default view, so still dealing with these distractions (bright cards, polkadot bubbles.) Every time the app starts, back to the home page.

Agreed - I never use the balance chart and would prefer the option to turn it off.

Oh, and agreed on this also :slight_smile:

Perhaps request this in the (Most Wanted) Features post.

Although changing fundamentally what an app is is unlikely going to be helpful to the wider community who enjoy Emma’s current features and layout. It could be time to look for something that fits your needs a little closer?

Yes, I can’t see this happening. :sweat_smile:

We are working to serve hundreds of thousands of user, so we always need to find a way to make everyone happy.

To clarify, this request does not fundamentally change a single part of the app - it is nearly a few customization options that customers can adjust on their own. App remains the same.

Yes, I see your point. :slight_smile:

What we are going to introduce is the ability to customise the order of cards in the feed (or hide them), but the feature will be for Pro users.

In regards to ordering the bottom bar, it’s a big stretch, which I don’t think it’s on the table at this point.

While customizing the order of the bottom bar would be nice, I was simply suggesting the option to select your preferred landing page when the app starts up.

Feed means home page, when accounts are the primary priority. I would suggest that with the proper architecture, the user could hide ANY card regardless of its location, so those who have no need for that huge graph on the accounts page can see more accounts.