Transferwise new pots

Does any one know if the new Pots in Transferwise rep into Emma


Hey @Wmeads001 :v:

Can you send me a link to the new Pot feature for Transferwise? I’m not sure whether they come through to Emma but once I know what the feature is I can check

Here is their webpage on the new feature

Thanks for that. I can confirm they are imported and will show under Accounts > Savings. I’ve just tried it on my end.

The only thing I could see which may be a little annoying is that the name of the jar isn’t imported


Ok just tried it. On the name not being imported you can change the description in Emma


This sounds like Ally Bank’s “Savings Buckets”. It’d be nice to get transparency to those buckets as well.

Yes, Jason, you are right.

We have different banks that do this. For some we are able to catch, for others not so well. :wink:

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