[Testers Needed] Autosaves

Hey guys,

we are very close to launch Autosaves in Emma Pots.

This will be a weekly direct debit that will collect a dynamic / low amount from your main bank account and move it to your Emma Wallet or Pots (you’ll be able to choose this).

We are now looking for testers who are willing to give the feature a go!

You just need to message live chat so that they can collect your user id and enable the feature on our end. Just make sure to be on the latest available version of the app.

You can also get the latest build from TestFlight: Join the Emma - Budget Planner Tracker beta - TestFlight - Apple

I have installed the autopilot app and have the autopilot version of the Emma app - will the saving option appear eventually?

Hi @Sian,

for autosaving, just message live chat - we can enable it on our end. This is already available on every Emma version - it’s just hidden.

This is live for everyone

We are working to add:

  • roundups
  • custom weekly deposits

We should be able to have these live by the end of the month


You might have seen this but round ups are fully out!