Transactions Dates Visibility Control


I believe that we should be able to limit/expand the scope of transactions visibility per account within Emma.

This functionality would serve as a “start over” plus would deliver customer’s control over our own data.

Do you mean like a reset button? :slight_smile:

Hi Edoardo,

A reset button is an option.

However, I think it is better something like this:

  1. You add an account.
  2. You currently have the option to “Close” and “Delete”.
  3. Add an option to set a “Start From” which enables the user to select from which date should transactions be reflected for that account rather than necessarily consuming all transactions.

What do you think?

Yes, I understand.

What would be the specific use case? It sounds more like a “mental” thing - as in “starting to budget from June 2020 and not looking at past data”.

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Well, I think control over our data is definitely one.

However, the scenario of “starting to budget from” is also a use case. Some people find comfort and motivation in fresh starts.

In my case specifically, I also found a bit annoying that some tags were autogenerated from historic data and I couldn’t easily handle them as you can’t batch remove nor disassociate from previous transactions.

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Hi @edoardomoreni,

Just following up on this matter.