Enlarge "See All" recent transactions

I would like the “See All” next to recent transactions to be bigger or maybe a button of some kind. It is the thing I click the most in Emma every day to categorize my transactions and it’s the smallest thing to click and end up having to click it a few times to click.


I agree.

Maybe it could be its own bottom nav tab either by replacing Save Money or Accounts and making it customizable in settings.

Hey @Fredmarkle :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community and thanks for your feedback!

I’ll pass this info onto the rest of the team :muscle:

This could be a cool idea!

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the most challenging part for me about Emma is that it’s not all transactions, it’s all except ‘excluded’ and often Emma auto categorises my transactions as ‘excluded’ and gets it wrong so they are just not here for me to even see, so it could be a large £200 credit card payment I’d like to categorise and it just gets lost space.