A ‘Beginning of time’ section in analytics

Under ‘What Did I Spend’ we are able to go back to ‘Beginning of Time’ with hastags and merchants. I’d like to see a similar section under the ‘Analytics’ tab. That way I could see what category I’ve spent the most on over time and the same with merchants.

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Yes, I agree with you this is a nice idea!

At this point, people have asked for more flexibility in the Analytics tab. One of the biggest requests is to actual filter expenses by Account; but I guess if we do Account, we are also going to do period!

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With regard to the ‘Beginning of time’ feature - how does it work? I’ve noticed for my different accounts, and different merchants, my oldest transactions differ, but none of them are truly the first transaction I made. Is that right?


Yes, we usually download 12 months of data from each bank.

This might differ from bank to bank.

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The trouble with the beginning of time one it does not add up correctly. It adds together the foreign and local currencies so is useless

We have been promised an improvement in the analytics but keeps being dropped down the priority list. I think it is time we as Emma pro customers have a say in the priorities that the company has. It appears that what we have got is not going to be made useful like the analytics while the company concentrates on trying to get new customers and existing customers have to just pay and shut up

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