Trading Crypto in Emma

Hey guys,

as you know, so far we support connections to 6 exchanges + BTC and ETH addresses.

We are considering to enable people to buy/sell Crypto in Emma. We had some preliminary chats with a few third parties which would enable us to do this very quickly.

I was wondering what apps you use to buy/sell and if you have tried Crypto in Revolut for example?

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I have some crypto but don’t trade often. I think the only exchange I’ve used in the last year or so is Binance. Have also used Coinbase, Solidi and a few others but that’s going back a few years.

I’ve never been interested in using Revolut for Crypto. My understanding is you can buy/sell crypto with them but can’t transfer it elsewhere. This was a turn off. But haven’t really looked at it since they launched their crypto support.


what we are looking at is a way to make you buy/sell and put it back in binance.

Anything that doesn’t let you transfer your coins is no good - pointless imo

For anyone serious about hodling, the biggest factor is fees, not so much the platform (by which I mean, recognised platforms, not all the dodgy stuff out there).

You basically would have to be equal or better than Coinbase Pro on fees to get my custom… That’s going to be a challenge

Ziglu looked interesting, until I saw they lock you in and charge shocking fees. Eugh. It does feel like a wave of providers just looking to cash in on people who are worried about losing their money on a dodgy exchange, but still want to get in on the market.

How much do they charge?

Unless we are an exchange, this is impossible.

But again, the mass market is on Coinbase, not Coinbase Pro. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks to Open Banking, we can do 1% or less.

We have an option to do custody, so you can’t take it out, or have the ability to put it in your wallet.

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It’s a fixed 1.25% fee

The actual price is supposed to be the best available across different exchanges, so that may affect things.

Here’s a comparison

What you get for £1k

Where did you see this? I’ve just looked on their website and can’t see any info about transfers (I guess that’s the clue!)

A bit tangential to this thread but more than trading options I think what i’d like to see from Emma in the crypto space is partnership with existing portfolio/tax tracking tools.

I haven’t had to pay any tax yet but I can see it being a massive ball-ache if/when I need to. So important to get on top of tracking transactions from tax perspective.

If I’m entering exchange connections, wallet addresses, and transaction histories into a tax tracking product I don’t really want to duplicate and enter all the same things into Emma for v portfolio overview. What would be better is if I could simply create connections to existing portfolio/tax tools inside Emma (to view basic info like overall portfolio balance and taxable gains/losses so far this year).

Emma could perhaps earn commission from referrals to these products.


I’ve been trying out the app since it came out. It’s custody only. Might change, but no info suggesting it will


I’ve been using I like what they offer as a platform.

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We have started working on this.

What we can offer is to buy and store with us or with any exchange / address connected in Emma. You can also manually add the wallet.

We’ll have lower fees in the Pro plan and should get down to 1% or so if you buy via Open Banking.

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I bought QBTC fund. I pay $10 flat commission per trade ($20 to buy and sell). I kept it in TFSA account with my bank – so all the earnings are tax free. I cannot buy bitcoins directly into a TFSA. At least not with Scotiabank yet. Still I thought $20 flat commission is not bad. I don’t do day trading. TFSA don’t allow day trading. I am not sure what fees are hidden inside the fund. Using $10,000 as example.
Will I make more if I open an account with coinbase or another exchange and buy bitcoin parts directly? Anyone did a comparison?

It’s a good idea if the fees are around 0.5-1%. I know binance offers 0.1% and Coinbase pro 0.5, but if it’s easier to use for someone who is absolutely clueless, I think the slightly higher fees wouldn’t be a problem. Specially if it goes back into binance which is an absolute nightmare for a beginner

Yes and no.

If you look at Coinbase, the fees go up to 10% with small amount and they still have 100m users. eheh

However I agree with you, with Open Banking we can get it down to 1%.

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Yeah, and that’s why I (and a few other people I know) never bothered buying on the app after my first few transactions. But I can see how some people may be tempted, the interface makes it incredibly easy.
If Emma makes it as easy as coinbase with lower fees, I know a few people who would switch in a heartbeat!

I was talking to another founder who has an app with 4% fees.

In their case, they don’t see a problem at all. They are about to break even and running a very profitable business because the demand is so high that fees or not fee, it doesn’t matter.

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Quick news about this.

We are working with MoonPay to make it happen.

You will be able to do custody with Emma or put whatever you buy in your own wallets.

For example, you connect Coinbase to Emma and then can buy Bitcoin and deposit it in Coinbase.