Total in manage subscriptions & today widget

As the title says I think it would be really good if I could see a total in the manage my subscriptions section. Also you guys thought about adding a widget for iOS users? I use my widgets a lot and find them a quick and easy way to latest info without opening the app every time. Thanks for the great app though it is most definitely the best looking of the bunch just wish there were more integrations, hopefully they will come in time.


I like the idea of an iOS widget too.

It could display:

  • Total Balance (although be great to be ab le to pick the account to be shown, and total of all accounts would be less useful if you have too many)

  • Budget left for this Pay Period (includes committed spending, as in the App)


  • This week’s spending
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How would you go about periods? :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for getting back. I would simply have monthly total and yearly total tabs. Or perhaps just a total for the current month, that way any yearly or bi annual subscriptions can be included easily when subscription is due that month.

Personally i think You could scrap the inactive subscriptions tab to put the the total or just at the bottom of the page would do. Either way I think the total is a must.

I use a very simple iOS app called bill monitor which you put all your regular bills and subscriptions in, state the frequency and then you can simply see the total of the bills this month and future months by scrolling to said month.

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Any chance you can share a link? Happy to check.

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Thanks for sharing.

I just wanted to let you know we are building this!

It will be very similar to Bobby:

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This is a first draft we have made:

Nice, look forward to the release. Are you going for the average total a month? Or total for that month? I downloaded that Bobby and now use that too so thanks for that suggestion.

Maybe a future idea too ( might be overload ) but having a tick box next to each committed spend subscription which you could untick to see how it would affect your total commutes spending, might help users to save and actively stop a subscription to get to a desired amount. Just an idea.

But awesome start guys, keep up the good work!