Subscription management and sorting

It would good to be able to sort the subscriptions base on their frequency or upcoming

Also have a total for specific frequency,
eg. List all my annual subscriptions and get me total, so i know in 2020 how much i have committed payment- This helps specially when people are in financial difficulties and want to cut some of their expenses - it gives them an indication
although we have monthly list added into analytics but i cant see future or past months only the current month is visible and accessible
eg. I want to plan for December and see how much i have to set a side and how much i can loos in boxing day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like the idea of being able to sort/filter the subscriptions in some way so that you can see which are the annual subscriptions. Perhaps the subscriptions page could get filter options such as weekly, monthly, annual, etc (in addition to the current all subscriptions view).

Also like the idea of being able to select specific future months to see predicted committed spending in that month. Maybe a graph would be useful for this with predicted committed spending plotted as bars for future months and then you click on that bar to see further details. Maybe that would be best in the analytics tabs but with future months available - not just current and past months.

One additional suggestion I would like to make is to do with how subscription values are displayed in the subscription page. At the moment it just shows (predicted) transaction value. I think it would be useful to have a view toggle to also display annual equivalent value (so for monthly subscriptions this would be value x 12). I say this because I manually maintain a spreadsheet list of all my subscriptions and direct debits and for my monthly subscriptions find it useful to have both a monthly spend column and an annual spend column. Seeing the annual spend of each subscription listed in this way makes it much easier for me to decide which subscriptions I’m happy with (from value perspective) and which need to go (compared to considering just monthly cost).

All in all, it seems there’s a lot that could be done to subscriptions and committed spending tracking to make more useful.

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I guess the challenge here would be showing that this would be valuable enough to 1. spend time developing and 2. warrant the space it would take up (even if under a toggle). While I would love to see how much I’m spending yearly on subscriptions, it doesn’t have another obvious function other than to serve my curiosity.

I like these ideas. Maybe Emma needs a dedicated planning section where you can see predictions and plan for future expenses :man_shrugging:

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I like the idea of a dedicated planning section and the ability to see predictions and plan for future expenses

I really like that idea as well, allows us to plan on a monthly basis to prepare for yearly subscriptions to make sure money is available when those payments are due rather then big payments on those months. Or see subscriptions as a yearly total to see how much you are paying out.

Would also be good to start to plan for yearly payments for things like car insurance so could pay yearly and save up monthly for next years insurance. This way you can save on the interest you pay when paying monthly. I know wouldn’t be 100% accurate but could show how much you need to put aside each month to cover the yearly payments. Monzo pots could be handy here for similar idea but not utilised much.

+1 on the Annual Subscription Total.

Currently my 20+ subscriptions are calculated according to the frequency of debit (yearly, monthly, annually). So the displayed figure is a mix of all frequencies. This makes it difficult to obtain a quick annual figure.

Would be a great feature to have an annualised total subscription calculation and then /12 for a monthly liability at a quick glance :+1:t3:.

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