Today's balance not up to date

Every morning I get my Today’s balance notification around 8.30ish, however it seems like this isn’t refreshed from the night before? So any transactions during the night aren’t noticed and I have to go into the app and manually refresh to get an up to date balance.

Is this a known issue or some config I’ve got wrong?



I have the same issue, and seems to be a recent change, my morning total used to include any overnight & early morning income / Debits

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Hey guys, can you reach out to live chat? It’s in the More tab. :slight_smile:

Yes but this looks like a policy change/or operational decision as this is caused by the updates not running automatically. I have the same issue for the last few days where there is NO automatic update at all

We should not have to make a support call and in fact you should be aware of this and telling us what the situation is

To be honest, this is not a policy change and we have no idea. If you reach out, we can check directly on your account since this sounds an account-specific issue. :slight_smile:

This applies to all of my accounts and credit cards so is not account specific. Manual uodates work fine. It appears there are other people having the same issue. Notwithstanding this is not client specific i have put a para into the support chat thread as requested.

Thanks for this.

Emma support are well aware of the non updating issue and have been working on this for a few days. Here is their responce.

In regards to automatic syncs, we’ve been having issues with the schedule recently which means automatic syncs are being delayed or reduced. Our team are working on the issue and it should be solved soon.


Yes, I’d like this to be fixed too.