Tesco Bank (Credit cards)

It’s now been quite a few weeks since this message, and ages since the original September date you anticipated.

Any updates?

We know this is getting solved, but don’t have an actual date yet unfortunately. The issue here is that Tesco doesn’t have a big volume and we are not prioritising it.

Further, at this point, we rely mostly on TrueLayer, which is not supporting it yet. We have checked with them and they said Dec-Jan.

Hi, just wondering if there is an update on when the Tesco CC feed sync will be fixed? Unfortunately for me it is a card I use a fair bit, without a sync it makes budgeting with Emma a lot harder.

Thanks Vanessa

Hi @Vanessa, there is no issue with Tesco. You just need to login every time to refresh the data. :slight_smile:

We are going to move to Open Banking very soon and this will solve the situation. We are waiting for the bank.

Thanks for clarifying, it’s a bit tedious and a long winded process so hopefully the Open Banking solution can be put in place soon.

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Yes, looking forward to fixing this. :slight_smile: