HSBC sync error

Hi there.
Is anyone else experencing issues trying to sync with HSBC today?

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Yes I’m experiencing the same issues - even when I login it will refresh then lose the connection again.

Yep, same issues here.

Also having issues with Co-operative Bank.

HSBC seems to be in a loop for be too

Yes, we are aware HSBC is having issues.

This is not us, but the bank. They are working to resolve, hopefully by the end of the day. :slight_smile:

HSBC integration is down again. Not sure is it a truelayer or hsbc itself.

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This is an issue with HSBC. They have been down for the whole weekend.

This should be fully fixed.

Credit cards and savings accounts are coming very soon. We are working on this! :slight_smile:

Hi @edoardomoreni, when do you expect HSBC savings and credit cards to be live? This is a dependency from switching over from one of your competitors :slight_smile: Thanks

Hey @Liam

HSBC Credit cards and savings are now live! Add these by going to the ‘Accounts’ tab > ‘Add an account’ :slight_smile:

I still have issues with connecting though, as flagged in another thread on this forum. Should we delete and re-add the connection? If we delete it, will we lose our settings and history?

I would reach out to live chat. :slight_smile:

If we don’t have them, even the competitor doesn’t. :sweat_smile:

ps: they should be fully live now!

Hey @caprotti

For the time being, avoid deleting your connections while there is ongoing issues with the HSBC Open Banking API. It’s unlikely that removing and re-adding will solve the issue :sob:

Thanks Joel! Will follow the updates here then, fingers crossed.


I’ve got a dedicated thread for this issue below that you can follow for updates

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Looks like after an HSBC app update the Renew Button in Emma stopped working completely

Yes, they are fully down since 11am.

Looks like it started working now. Credit cards are also available now