You have already used these credentials to connect with this provider


I tried to add Tesco Bank to my account but for whatever reason the connection didn’t happen. No big deal but when I try again, I get a message saying…

‘You have already used these credentials to connect with this provider’

The system thinks I’m connected but I’m most definitely not. Please can you disconnect this provider at the back end, so I can try reconnecting?


Hi Alex, can you message support? There is a live chat in the more tab. :slight_smile:

Tesco has a very stupid Authenticator system
I was using YOLT and had so many issue with Tesco re authentication and then found EMMA, i thought it can solve the problem but since moved to EMMA faced similar issue
Same goes with BARCLAYCARD (recently)
I have decided to cancel both credit card since they cant match the pace of growing technology

What issue are you experiencing?

This should be fine. Tesco will get better as soon as we move to Open Banking, which is not available yet.

I have to authenticate it every few days
I have raised it with customer support and their solution was that i change my memorable word at Barclaycard; which didnt helped
Spoken with Joel

Yes, cause this is mostly due to a character mistyped and the bank returning wrong credentials every now and then; so the best tip is to check the credentials and what you type.

The first connection might go through because the bank only asks for a few characters of the entire memorable word. :slight_smile: