Swipe to change category/add note

Just thought I would share an idea to help make managing the transactions list a bit smoother.

As in email/messaging apps - swiping left/right on transactions to shortcut to a particular action. For me these would be change category and add notes. But perhaps this could be customised, others might prefer add to group/split/exclude etc.

At the moment all require a couple of clicks, and this would be a slick way to speed up the process.


Changing category is particularly tedious.

  1. Open transaction
  2. Tap category dropdown
  3. Wait for Emma to find matching transactions (slooowly)
  4. Select new Category (list can’t be sorted and there are no favourites, so this can also take a while)
  5. Tap to acknowledge Category has been changed
  6. Go back automatically to Transaction screen (not feed)
  7. Tap back to feed

Hello @tom11 :wave:

That’s an interesting idea and one that we’ll definitely discuss within the team. Would it be helpful for additional actions to show as a drop down menu when you swipe or something you configure beforehand in the settings?

Hi @kia!

I think a drop down menu would clutter things a bit - so in settings!

The gesture I’m thinking of is already in iOS mail/messages/notes/reminders etc so implementing it in the same way as these would be the most user friendly!

Couldn’t agree more. It’s the main thing I do when in the app and the process has always seemed clunky.

Yeah I feel like sorting by ‘most recent’ would be the easy fix here. Seems silly having to scroll past ‘business’ and ‘education’ which I have never used, to get to transport right at the end which I use all the time.

We noticed this too and have an open ticket to fix it.

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For transaction editing, we have the advanced one (Emma Pro) that should is super fast.

Yeah, this definitely speeds things up. Swipe right to change single transactions - taking you straight to the category selection screen - would be great though too… Probably needs a bit of thought to create a really slick experience :relaxed:

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The first time I saw this was in the N26 app. It’s totally doable and a simple patter, we can definitely think about it.

I still think that maybe this could be also solved by “Transactions to review”.

I like this idea.

Personally, I think this screen below could be dropped if there’s only one transaction being edited. It’s an extra click for a user when they can see the change on the following screen anyways.

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The original idea was to keep it the first few times and then drop it.

We thought the user should know the app learns from editing.

I agree it’s good the first few times (although it’s right at the bottom of the page well below the CTA), so do people read it?

I like the original idea.