Sorting of categories

Hi team,
Thanks for the app, I tested many and yours is definitely the best and worth the money!
One suggestions from my side, which I believe may resonate for other too.
Would be great if when I try to recategorise any expenses the list of categories is not shown in stable order like now, but can be sorted by the number of transactions in each category. Let me explain, right now when i want to move expense from General to Grocery or Shopping I have to scroll the screen down to find it because the view of expense categories is stable. At the same time i never use categories like Business or Cash, and they just use the upper space of the screen for nothing, while if the categories were shown based on frequency of usage (number of transactions in each category) it would show Grocery, Dine out and Shopping at the top of the list removing the need to have unnecessary scroll down.

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Hey Vasiliy,

Welcome to the Emma community! :purple_heart:

We’re glad to hear your feedback - it helps us improve faster! :raised_hands:

That’s a truly great suggestion. I just checked myself, and it totally makes sense. I’ve passed this suggestion to our product team.

Let me know if you have anything else to suggest.