Fewer clicks to change category

Currently it takes 6 clicks to get from the analytics screen to change a transaction category and back again. Working through changing categories individually regularly takes ages and can be really frustrating. I’d love to see 2 or 3 of these clicks disappear.

Could the category page be a drop down from the transaction page (rather than a whole new page)?
Could the default be to automatically just amend just 1 transaction (rather than looking for similar?)
Is the confirmation screen necessary? Could it appear as a notification if at all?
Once you complete the category change, could the screen go back to the transaction list you were on rather than the transaction page?

Hey @patrickyoungs

Thanks for this feedback :blush:

I like the option of a quick edit straight from the transaction screen. I’ll pass this info onto our designer!

Are there any other parts of the app that you think are too many clicks/ too clunky?

Hi @rebekah one other thing I’d really appreciate (tell me if this is now the wrong place to ask) is a view of total progress against non-committed spend each month. Say I spend/budget £5,000 a month and £3,000 is committed, I love that halfway through the month my pie chart says £4,000/80% against my budget regardless if all the committed has gone out or not, but it’s difficult to tell how I’m actually doing with my non-committed spending.

I would find it really useful to have a graph of spend vs time which starts at the committed spend and goes up and right towards the budget total. Then a second line would show how much of my non-committed spend I’ve actually spent. I’ve tried to include a crude mock up below.

It would give me proper insight into how I’m doing at any point during the month, not just the end.

Thanks for sharing this!

Just so I’m super clear, by committed spending do you mean things like bills? What happens if you have more than one committed spend?

So by committed spend I mean anything that is a recurring payment and is logged down as a subscription that I know will be coming out this month (bills, mortgage, Netflix etc.) . If you go to ‘analytics’ and scroll to the bottom of the current month you’ll see any committed spend summed up. Emma already assumes I’ve spent all of that committed spend against my total budget for the month.

Ok great, just wanted to check that we were on the same page with committed spending.

So would it help if we had a separate budget view that didn’t include your committed spending? So you could see your discretionary spending alone, rather than bundled together with committed spending?

Essentially yes, that’s it, it would be really useful for me. Thanks :blush:

Awesome, ok!

Our current roadmap is pretty full with new features that we’re building, but I can share this idea with the team and see what they think :blush:

Echo this - simplifying the transaction editing workflow (or giving the user the option to simplify) would definitely be a step in the right direction in my book. Have caused me quite a bit of frustration at times :upside_down_face:

The bulk editing from See All definitely helped making it easier though, but @patrickyoungs 's suggestions would still be welcome and well used from my side :ok_hand:

Awesome, thanks for letting us know @DanRoos

Basically, we could get rid of the last step that confirms the category has been changed?

That would help! Love that you guys take feedback so seriously, it’s definitely something that will make you competitive in the long term.

Another suggestion would be that if you click on the transaction type icon on the far left of each transaction line:

It would take you straight to the change transaction screen, skipping this screen:

Those two changes would bring the current 6 click process down to 4.

I also think the idea if having a toggle in the settings somewhere to switch off the screen that allows you to pick multiple transactions. I like having it on as a default as it is useful from time to time - especially for beginners at Emma that set up an account for the first time.

Nowadays though, I find myself rarely using it, as when I change a transaction, it’s mostly from a new merchant which doesn’t have any other transactions in history anyway. Example below:

That would take it down to 3 clicks :grin::ok_hand:

Quite like the idea of clicking the merchant logo - we’d have to figure out a way to make it obvious that the functionality was there, but it could be a good option :blush: