Edit category UX - reduce steps

There are too many steps in the edit category flow. It’s cumbersome, especially since the editing categories feature is used very frequently while Emma is still improving/teaching the auto categorisation algorithm.

Off the bat, I think you could eliminate the last screen altogether. Why not take me back to the transaction detail screen (or possibly even the transaction list screen) after I change a category and save me from having to tap the “perfect, let’s go back” CTA AND then the transaction detail screen back button?

Perhaps you could also only display the ‘edit multiple’ screen when a “transaction name” has more than one record/data. It pointless and cumbersome to display the “apply edit to 1 transaction” screen if the transaction/merchant has only one occurrence.

The flow is way too long for a mobile experience, especially for a simple metadata value update.


Hey @alliep

This is really valid feedback, thanks for letting us know!

I’ll mention it to the team and see what they think about shortening the flow :blush:

This has been suggested a number of times. Bugs me all the time!


We have added this in Emma Pro.

At the top of the “See All Transactions”, you have an edit icon that makes you do the whole thing in 2 clicks. :slight_smile:

If you’re saying that you’ve intentionally added unnecessary steps to make the free version more painful to use to encourage users to upgrade, that is really poor customer service. There should be a value add for upgrade, not a pain avoidance. #disappointed

No, I am saying the current flow has been there for the past 2 years.

This new flow works in a completely different way and lets users make edits on the Transactions List.

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The problem is that I do most of my editing in analytics! It’s a real pain