Subscriptions / Membership Fees


I’m still new to Emma and trying to learn / figure out Emma. With the subscription feature, I found that it groups together three type of transactions:

  1. True subscriptions like Netflix, Sound Cloud, …
  2. Yearly membership transaction + additional one off transactions like Amazon Prime, Thrive Market, Instacart, Rent the Runway
  3. Reoccurring payments like Metromile, State Farm

  1. This works as expected. :slight_smile:
  2. While this seems to work for Amazon Prime (because the yearly fee is labeled as Amazon Prime vs Amazon), it doesn’t work properly for Thrive Market or Instacart for example. It would be nice to have a way to specify what the subscription / membership fee is by selecting transactions and marking other transaction as non membership/subscription. I think this may be helpful to spot memberships that one is no longer using.
  3. I can adjust this to mark them as not a subscription but they are still monthly commitments. So perhaps these belong to a separate feature of monthly commitments / expenses like rent, mortgage, car, insurance or education.

That’s all the feedback I have. Would be great to have a better way to view the membership transactions for services under subscriptions without the prediction getting cluttered / being inaccurate due to one-off payments / transactions.


Hey @thorben :wave:

Thanks for your feedback!

Do you think it would help if within the ‘subscriptions’ section we then had subcategories where you could see if this was a yearly/ monthly payment? Or separate them all out completely? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response @rebekah. I updated the formatting of my original post - seems the numbering continued when it should have started over. Hopefully it makes more sense now.

Yes, I think it would be fine to have them all in the feed with sections for the different types since all of these are reoccurring commitments.

I guess the name subscription to me means / denotes something like a magazine that is not a necessary expense whereas insurance is. And thus a subscription is easily cancelable when discretionary income decreases or one wants to increase savings.

Yeah I can see where you’re coming from here - perhaps more like ‘fixed expenses’ than subscriptions.

I quite like the idea that we could then select transactions within the section and label them as either need vs want :slight_smile: Might help to show some priority if you have a lot of recurring payments.

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