Manual subscriptions for forward planning

Id like to be able to enter known new subscriptions e.g i set up a new car insurance policy, i know when the first and last payments are due, the initial, the ongoing and the final payment. this would allow me to plan next month better. they would also need to be a way to associate the manual entry with a detected subscriptions when the payments start to flow.


Hey @Mccaffm,

thanks a lot for the suggestion!

Would this be the case only for new subscriptions that you are aware of?

It might be a bit difficult to do the matching afterwards (when they real payment comes through).

new subscription yes but also single one off payments that i know are coming up. i make use of features like pay in 3 from paypal credit, or amazon, or klarna (0% interest, why wouldnt you) and being able to plug these in as future payments/subscriptions would save me a huge amount of excel working out.