Recurring Payments & Subscriptions?

Hi there, I only just started using Emma and I tried to find a similar question on here but was unable to find is so I apologise in advance in case this question has already been answered.

I thought ‘subscriptions’ would be Spotify or YouTube Premium or my Gym Membership but I also see my regular monthly expenses occasionally categorised under ‘subscriptions’. Do I therefore class them as ‘subscriptions’ too or do I make them ‘inactive’?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @MoNaita,

thanks for joining the Emma community. :slight_smile:

In subscriptions, we add everything that is recurring (direct debit, standing order and more).

It’s really up to you if you want to remove some. This might affect your budgeting in Analytics.

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Hey @MoNaita :wave:

I recommend adding all your reoccurring payments to ‘Subscriptions’ so you can track them in one place.

Subscriptions are linked to the Committed Spending section on your Analytics and feed into your budgets. Learn more about Committed Spending here.

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