Subscriptions confusion

Hi All,

I’m new to the community. I love the app so far and it has some really good potential.

I would like to see a repayment calc for paying down credit cards. Can’t find this anywhere? This would be really useful for many to see and give a goal/target date.

Also I have reviewed the subscriptions options and when my trial ends I have no idea what 90% of these actually In the photo. Am I not alone here thinking this is a bit confusing?!

Hey @Mainplayer,

thanks for reaching out.

The subscription prices are all available in the app. :slight_smile:

Thanks, this is the screen users will see in iOS. As you can spot some duplicates. Really just needs to be 3-6 options for simplicity :relaxed:

I would like to see the cascade repayment method and other approaches in the app. After all, almost all the data is there. Let me add the missing info for each card, then calculate the best repayment paths for me!