Debt Repayment Tool

It would be awesome to have a debt repayment calculator built in for any kind of loans (auto/mortgage/credit etc.) so that you can visualize the true value of what you are spending at the end of term likewise how long it will take to have it paid off. Something like

But obviously with more analytics. This app is amazing I think the only other thing it’s missing is a portion to get serious about debt management.

Would love this to be applied to a tracked student loan (calculating pay back period with stats such as payment frequency and interest rate).

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Or mortgage with overpayments allowed.

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Totally agree. Would be great to add short term loan agreements too. Eg I bought a MacBook from curry’s 12 months interest free, if I pay off in 12 months no interest, if I take longer then interest will start accruing. Reminders for things like this are crucial to maximise savings. Where a credit vendor not listed it would be great to add the terms yourself and set up payment reminders etc and see declining balance.Yes these things can be managed offline but I love Emma and would like to be able to manage everything in one place!

Also meant to ask for Klarna and Clearpay to be addedor if not they would fall under the above request.

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This is very cute.

Yes, we are thinking about these use cases. :wink: