Sub categories for transactions

Split categories would be useful for tax purposes. As would be transaction exporting for certain date period.


Hey @crd1904,

thanks for sharing!

In terms of exporting of transactions, we already do this in Emma Pro. :stuck_out_tongue:

It also supports custom categories. Are sub categories any different for you?

I know you can export in Emma Pro. What I said was export CERTAIN dates! At moment it only exports ALL data. I’m looking specifically at August 1st to July 31st.

Sub Categories are simply an idea to make tax returns easier. There are main tax categories and each one of these has different categories in them. At moment I use tagging. It’s just an idea.



Hiya - yes thats very true - or maybe you could have a ‘business’ EMMA and a ‘private’ EMMA
Nice to make your acquaintance - its a very helpful forum

Yes, this is coming live tomorrow or Wednesday.

As part of a big release we are doing for Pro.

This is nice.

I was wondering about the benefit of having a substructure compared to having all the categories on the same level.

People, who are using custom categories now, are probably creating multiple ones on the same level; but maybe it helps in tracking?

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I would like sub categories!