Spend by specific day?

I must be missing something - how can I see a quick filter by a specific day - e.g yesterday, or a date that I pick? I want to see transactions and a total just for that day.

In the search I can’t seem to pick only one day?

The closest is Analytics which selects 2 days.

Thank you. Is it on the roadmap to be able to use specific individual days in the search functionality?

To be honest, it’s not but we can definitely consider it.

Both Search and Analytics have ways to see this data, but not for an individual day.

Would be great to hear what other people think! :slight_smile:

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I would say if you can do it for other time periods, then being able to do by any time period makes sense - including individual days.

I have plenty of use cases where I might want to see the total spent on a specific day, or the total spent on eating out on a specific day, or by merchant on a specific day.

So being able to do this in both Search and Analytics would be really helpful.