Insights like Snoop

I’ve just tried Snoop for the first time and honestly really like the insights. (FYI I deleted Snoop afterwards…I was just curious about their insights)

While all the data is there in Emma - e.g how much I’ve spent with a particular merchant. I liked when onboarding to see some specific data picked out - top merchants on each card/bank account.

I just like the proactive useful insights with actual numbers (not “you spent more than 90% of users”).

Are there any plans or thoughts around surfacing more useful insights like Snoop?

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What insights have you found in Snoop? :slight_smile:

On first addition of bank accounts they picked out a summary of highlights for that account - highest merchant spend, highest spending categories etc. It was just presented nicely. I don’t know how frequently that shows but I found that data more useful than the weekly report data in Emma (spending % more than other users - although fun - isn’t as helpful).

I also like the general financial insights it showed - it told me that EE is expected to have a price increase in March (CPI-related), and by how much. It seems to read regular merchants and offer financial insight there.