Smart Rules for Manual Accounts

Is it possible to introduce smart rules for accounts manually created?

Having just set up a Chase current account / savings account, it would save so much time if there were possible to update the balance of the saver when I record a transaction in the current.

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This is already possible - are you having trouble making it work?

I can’t get my manual chase current account to be detected in the smart rules. It only picks up the ‘real’ accounts.

Does the manual account already have some transactions allocated to it?

I made a manual account for Marcus and have smart rules working with it.

I’ve got it set up as my First Direct C/A moving money to my Chase C/A (smart rule in place that updates the Chase C/A balance).

I then enter a manual transaction to show that I’ve moved money from the Chase C/A to my Chase Savings (here lies the issue as I have to manually update the savings account balance).

Smart rules don’t work from manual to manual, the first account has to be real.

I actually did this today from Revolut to a virtual Chase savings account, which had other problems - Emma doesn’t seem to get the payment reference from Revolut. Payment references in general seem to be an open banking bugbear…

Why don’t you transfer directly from your First Direct current account to the Chase savings account? Then you should be able to get this to work just fine. Are you getting meaningful references at the bottom of your First Direct real transactions?


Yep, this is the case

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