Smart rules and offline accounts

I think I get the idea with smart rules and offline accounts but I believe they only work with new transactions as they get detected?

What I’m looking to do is this:

I have a car loan and so I’ve created a car loan offline account. I’d like to link my existing loan transactions from my current account to the car loan offline account. At the moment the only possibility that I can see is to add the transactions manually. I would then set them as excluded in my analytics since they will be double counted otherwise. But this is manual and quite tedious.

Am I missing something? Is the only way to maybe unlink my current account and re-link for the smart rule to do it’s work?


You’re right, smart rules don’t handle past transactions. Which is ironic, because the search when you are setting up a smart rule is much better than the transaction search…

I’d just adjust your manual account balance and set up the smart rule for all your future transactions