Account types for manual accounts

I know this has been discussed in various places before, but the issue has come up again for me recently

First scenario

I have a manual account with transactions created using Smart Rules. It’s a savings account that I want to exclude from my net worth and analytics (off book).

The only option is to close the account. You can’t mark as closed or as hidden.

Second scenario

I have a lot of dormant accounts that I want to monitor (any activity would suggest fraud), so I currently keep them as active accounts. I’d love a Dormant category that just keeps syncing in the background and triggers an alert for any activity. This would work well with Emma’s other fraud prevention stuff

You mean that by hiding the account Smart Rules don’t work?

I think this is more a feature of “notify me of any new transactions and you can select which accounts”.

I am not sure how the dormant category could be handy?

I suppose I mean I don’t want them cluttering up my list of accounts (so, I want to hide them), but I still want to be notified of activity, if that makes sense. At the moment, you can close (manual and deal accounts) or hide (real accounts), but then you don’t get notified of activity

I hadn’t thought of that! No, I mean that I can’t hide my manual accounts, only “close” them. I think maybe I just don’t really understand what closing a manual account would do. Would smart rules still work and could “unclose” the account later on?