Offline Accounts

Is there a chance or have I missed it with custom offline accounts of having custom rules for payments into and out of them? For example I have a Credit union account that comes straight out of my wages but the amount and when it happens is almost the same, but bank holidays move it for one week.
Otherwise to keep it up to date I have to add it weekly.

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Hey @TheMightySwordfish :wave:

Have you seen our new Smart Rules feature?

I go into smart rules and look through the accounts and it doesn’t list the offline ones and talks about transactions as triggers. I’m I missing rules for offline accounts? I’d post a screenshot but the app wants me to log back in when I go to add it.

Oh yeah so Smart Rules only works between an offline account and an online account - there isn’t the capability at the moment to track just offline accounts but I can speak to the team about this :blush:

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Hey @TheMightySwordfish,

Do you mean that you don’t see your Offline Accounts when you select this option?

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That too, but even if I did it wouldn’t work as it has to see a transaction. I’m on about making a custom automatic transaction on an offline account. So I don’t have to add it manually or just add it once.