Offline Account - offline subscriptions

I’ve set up an offline account to represent my mortgage account.

However to keep this accurate, every month I have to remember to go in and update this.

I was thinking, my mortgage is decreasing every month by approximately the same amount. It would be good if I could set up some sort of rule against the offline account that was similar to an “offline subscription” that would substract X amount from the offline account every month. This would help me to keep the account approximately up to date. It wouldn’t be perfect but it would be a great help.

Ah ok. Im an android user, I’ll wait for this to be released!

Hello - whats an link and how do I get it? (I am a pro android user)

Its primary use is for referring friends to Emma. I guess they’re asking for it in that thread as it is also a unique identifier for your account.

To find it, click on invite a friend in feed or more sections of your app.

If you don’t want to post link publicly I would assume you could also ask for Smart rules feature to be turned on via in-app support.


Its Check out this free app - it’s

You might need to put it in the Smart Rules thread for it to be acted on by someone who works at Emma

I have but no response yet. Perhaps they aren’t enrolling more users yet.

Maybe ask to be enrolled via in-app support

Has there been any thought of developing this feature? Smart Rules isn’t the same, though it is a different solution to the same problem in many but not all cases.

I have an overseas current account and linked mortgage set up as manual accounts. None of the transactions are with my accounts synchronized with Emma so Smart Rules wouldn’t work. There are only a handful of transactions each month and they are predictable but too many to enter them all manually every time. Entering them once as a scheduled payment though would be worth the time and would keep the account fairly close to the correct balance.


I do like the idea of creating your own transaction and then being able to list it as recurring, but for the moment I think Smart Rules has worked for most cases so we haven’t thought too much about adding this.

I’ll mention it to the team again and see what can be done though :blush: