Ability to specify amount direction for smart rule

Hi, having offline accounts is great but could we have the balance automatically adjusted based on a pre-set frequency and amount? Thank you!

Hey @FM13, have you checked Smart Rules in Emma Pro? They do this. :slight_smile:

OK great thank you ! Looks like it would work, although I don’t see a way to specify the direction of the amount. For example, I have -100 on a connected account which would be translate to a payment on a loan account (offline loan amount should go down) but an addition on a savings account (offline savings account up). Anythingnelse I am missing? :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

The first account for a smart rule has to be a real account. When the smart transaction is created, it is just the opposite sign to the real transaction - negative if real is positive, positive if real is negative.

If you’ve just got a manual account without any reference real account, then smart rules won’t help you

OK thank you, they come from a real account for me so looks like the gap is around the direction on the offline account: If my own account like savings, should be flipped, if external like credit/loan, should keep direction as I am actually paying to reduce a balance.