Serious Budgeting App

I have been using Emma for a couple of months and it has some excellent and useful features but in my view if Emma wants to be considered a serious budgeting app it needs to get rid of the silly sayings on the home screen and the totally pointless graphs which show meaningless information.

Hi @8jphil, thanks for your feedback.

In all honesty, I think we are going to make it even more silly.

At Emma HQ, we are all in our 20s and want to build a product that is fun and engaging. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the reply. Perhaps options for silly or not silly?



Ehehee, not really.

We are all silly here and will stick to it as long as possible.

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Hi Edoardo,

Humorous or not is a question of taste. No argument from me here… but I would support the idea to make the graphs more meaningful. Right now they are not much more than a waste of screen space…

Yes, this is another thing then!

In terms of graphs, we are going to build them again. At this point, they are beautiful, but not completely accurate. :wink:

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