Adult version of the App

Is there any chance an adult view could be created that does away with the gimmicks. I love the functionality of this app however the feeling I get is this is designed for young adults? When dealing with my money I don’t really need to see Emojis or silly sayings or gummy bears. I am not knocking it, it’s just not for me. I want to feel like my money budgeting is being taken seriously.


I think something like customisable skins would be great, but I suspect they’d not be a high priority right now.

Thanks for the feedback @Tim_uk

We created Emma because we wanted to make money fun - we feel like the current design helps us do this.

We know that the design of Emma doesn’t suit everyone’s taste, but customisable skins is a really interesting idea and definitely something we can discuss in team!

For now, however, we’ll continue to concentrate on releasing new features to make Emma even better! :wink:


Agree, there is a great useful product underneath all of this, that’s a little overshadowed by gamification, gimmicks and shiny charts / reports that don’t tell me much. Engineering time would be better spent on real product & UX improvements (better search, more integrations, money-saving & budgeting features etc) IMO.

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You’re in for a treat very soon! Watch this space because we’re currently working on all these things :partying_face:

Agree that dealing with money should have a light hearted side. Money matters are stressful enough, having a fun side to the app does make it fell a little less stressful. Adding new features and keeping it a less sterile stark environment should be a priority.


Thanks for listening to an opinion and for your response. Please note that I do love the functionality of the app. Pulling all my accounts together and the automated budget is fantastic.


You mean like a paid app, or a subscription? Oh wait. /s

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This keeps coming up. The developers have a fantastic app which people are prepared to pay for, but they are also trying to force gummy bears (an attempt at a “growth hack”) and other gimmicks (“rewards” that are plainly referrals to subscription services, etc) onto people.

I think it should be either/or. Either you are paying for a service and getting it without other monetisation attempts, or you’re getting it for free and should be OK with being monetised in various ways.

Right now I’m paying £42 a year for this (which is quite a lot), and if somebody comes along with another app with the same features and less gamification/advertising/referrals I’ll definitely cancel.

I like the ‘fun’ aesthetic of the app, but I do not like paying for something, and constantly feeling like I’m being tricked into purchasing additional services I don’t really need…


Hey @sebinsua thank you for letting us know your thoughts on this, something for us to think about :slight_smile:

I’m all for making money management more “fun” - it’s what oils the wheels of our everyday lives after all! But I have to agree with original comment - there are some aspects of Emma’s “fun” that get in the way of what I actually want to get done - sometimes I find it hard to get to the key numbers as they are overshadowed by emojis that aren’t always related to the key facts. Sometimes when you want a quick scan of “am I up or down” or “what needs my attention” then the visuals overawe. Some customisation/ability to hide widgets and tiles would be great. As would the ability to turn emojis off, for the old fogeys of us!

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@sebinsua I couldn’t have said it better myself the drive to make money seems to be the focus rather than on what the client wants. It’s not a knock on anyone just how it feels right now and I don’t want to feel like because I am paying £42 a year I should be subjected to more ways to make the app money. It would be interesting to see how many others feel this way. The basic concept is spot on for me and worth paying the money for but it’s the gimmicks and selling that put me off.

Where do you see this? :slight_smile:

Wondered what this thread was going to be about when it mentioned “adult version”. LOL. If you don’t want emojis and gummy bears, depending on what requirements you want from app, you could try something like Yolt or Mint?? Of course they are not as good as Emma

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I love this.

I’ve tried Yolt and Mint. I am only trying to give user feedback, which I think will benefit Emma in the long run. I am all for progress and aspiration but listening to your users should be a number one priority, if you want to keep revenue growing. I think there are a few of us who see things like gummy bears as gimmicks. That’s for awareness and not criticism.

Yes, of course.

We are monitoring everything and taking action based on that, starting from Gummy Bears.

For the colours, I am not sure we can do much. I was more interested in knowing where emojis overtake value/insights. :wink:

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Don’t have a problem with the colours :wink:

So it’s just Gummy Bears? If you can screenshot a couple of examples, that will be useful.

Hahah :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: not gunna lie for a split second I also thought the same :joy: