Recurring Income

Am I the only one asking for this? I do not see any support.
I have asked for this before to assist forecasting. In analytics we have regular payments, why not recurring income? Surely this makes sense.

It makes sense to me, I have four regular monthly incomes and two are from a non supported bank (Smile) so definitely helps.

Hey Tony! For recurring income where exactly in the app would you want that to be? Are you thinking of having it with the recurring payments as incoming payments? You also can see income in analytics on the income vs spending graph :smile:

Good point. Personally I would be more than happy to have regular income combined with payments.
The need is for forecasting, not actual payments received.
Tony Jones

Is your income variable?

Some is and some isn’t, just like regular payments.
Salaries, pensions etc. are normally the same. Bank interests are slightly variable and investment dividends are variable but forecast able.