Savings Rate and analytics

The Analytics section contains the monthly income and spending, but it would be very useful to have the savings rate too. In other words, the percentage of income not spent in each month. This is a very powerful metric to check how healthy your finances are. Moreover it’s relevant regardless of your income. It could also be part of a gamification quest to push the savings rate up.

One more thing, the analytics are monthly based but it would be very useful a 3-24 months diagram as the one available on the accounts section. This would offer the opportunity to see the whole spending and savings rate history, instead of a very short sighted monthly view.


Carmine :wave:

We’ve just introduced something like this in the payday report that you receive when you next get paid. We’re definitely looking to expanding on this, however, into more permanent places on the app so keep an eye out :wink:

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I received the payday message this morning but I missed this new part :sweat_smile: I’ll wait for the new feature, anyway it’s great you already have something similar in the pipeline.

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