Expected Income gone from Analytics View

It used to be the case that in the analytics view you could scroll down to income, and below committed spending would be expected income. Clicking on this would show the expected dates and amounts for all pay set for that month.

This was very useful for seeing upcoming regular incomes. For income that’s not monthly (e.g. tax credits every 4 weeks) it was an easy way to check when I would receive my income.

In recent months this seems to have disappeared. Any chance of bringing this back?

Hiya @Logan09,

Have you by any chance deleted Emma app and reinstalled recently?

No, haven’t reinstalled. My other pay days are still set up in the app, but just don’t show under expected income, and haven’t for a few months now.

Just to confirm, when you select ‘Income’ now, it just show you what you’ve been paid this pay period?

Yeah, it just shows what’s already been paid. Having said that I don’t have any more payments due until the next pay period now.

I’ve just added another payday on the 25th to check, and this doesn’t show up as expected.

I have the same issue.

If I go to edit the pay period card in the feed it correctly shows some expected income (and it is included in the pay period total income. This doesn’t show as expected income in the analytics tab though.