Save money notifications linking to Billshark in USA

I have no bills what so ever that billshark helps me to save. I keep getting a notification that says “Are you over paying on your bills ? Let us reveal it for you”. I understand when Emma reps said that save tab is not so intrusive for app experience. This notification comes up every time I close and reopen the app. This is definitely intrusive. Please give us option to turn off these savings notifications just like we have choice for Emma quiz.


What’s your Emma short url? We can check on your account - only new users should see that.

It seems there is a bug for users who have signed up in the last 3 and 7 days - we are fixing. :wink:

Love the work you guys do. Thanks for the prompt reply.
I recreated my account with my email this time for privacy security reasons in the last week. I am a pro user for a while now.

Short url:


Thanks, we have found out the bug - update coming soon. :slight_smile:

The update is out now - you shouldn’t see this anymore. :slight_smile:

It works as expected. Thanks very much for following up with me and appreciate your team’s work.


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