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Thought this could be a good way of staying in better control of finances, does this tool help you save? budget? have more freedom?

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I think being able to see all my accounts in one place has really helped me budget - knowing exactly how much I can spend means I don’t ever need to dip into my savings, so it’s helped me save more too!

What do you think @Gaoler, @lobbers, @frosch411, @notthemessiah

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Having all accounts and associated spending all in one app is very useful. There might be other apps out there (I am sure there are but I haven’t got the time and energy to compare them, then decide which one is best) but Emma has suited me well so far.
I am not a hardcore saver by all means, but tracking spending against a budget has been eye-opening. Others might just like to look at their receipts from purchases, then do a rough manual calculation, but the app does is all for you in no time. Using an app for those always on their phones and using online banking is a no-brainer really.
I use Emma every day even in the days where I do t have any transactions… just to look at the forum, see my balances or budgets…it works for me :upside_down_face:

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Well, I have only the one account which I use for nearly all of my spending, so it’s not so much the case of being able to see all my accounts in one place with Emma for me - I have a number of different savings accounts - most of which don’t show on Emma :man_shrugging:
That said, I still find Emma helpful in other ways - like the alerts when I’ve got money coming in :smiley: or going out :grimacing: - & setting budgets for different spending categories - so it definitely helps me to keep an eye on where my money’s going! :eye: