Satander Crashing when trying to sync

anyone got any tips - it crashes after I accept from Santander

Hey @tombfunky :wave:

There is a known issue with Santander and it sounds like you’re encountering it.

Can you send me a screenshot of where you’re getting stuck? I can then confirm

Its just after you agree and the wheel stops spinning…

no assistance or resolvment?? makes it a pretty pointless app atm

Hiya @tombfunky :wave:

Very sorry for the delay!

Santander have said that this issue should be resolved if you update the Santander app to the latest version.

If it’s not, you can work around it by deleting the Santander app, connecting in Emma while it’s deleted and then re-download the Santander app.

If updating the app doesn’t work, can you let me know via chat? I’ll have to raise again with Santander