Oops, somthing went wrong

had the app for a couple of days and really like it, just paid for it yesterday and now today I get Oops, something went wrong. Something is not working. try to update the app or reach out to customer support.

Using a andriod phone

Hey @shalldavies :wave:

Happy to hear that you’re liking the app!

Can you please try updating the app again now and let us know if you get the same error?

Hi I have uninstalled and download it from the google play store and from your website. still get the same error

Hi, same problem here, I have just downloaded the app so no update available. The app is connected to my bank account already and didn’t let me do anything else after that. Not a good first impression.

Hey guys,

this should be fully solved now.

not for me, I have forced the app to stop and tried again with the same result

Can you fully close the app? Remove it from background, open it again.

had to reinstall and seems to be OK now, thanks


sorry about this. We made a mistake on our side.

I have the same problem. I got Emma plus yesterday and it won’t work today. Have tried opening and closing it several times and there’s no update available on the App Store

I have just deleted and reinstalled and all my data is gone

You might have created a new account.

The data is stored on our server, so it can’t disappear if you log back in.