Santander Monthly Saver

I have been using Yolt previously but thought I’d try Emma.

I linked to Santander and my Current Account and both credit cards connected fine with no problem at all. But it didn’t list my Santander Monthly Saver account in the redirect and so it wasn’t included in the Emma account list.
Is there any way of linking to Santander Monthly Saver account as Yolt works with this account fine ?

Has anyone else successfully linked to a Santander Monthly Saver account ?

Hi Paul,

I would check if the Monthly Saver shows up in the list of available accounts when you get redirected to the Santander app. :slight_smile: If that’s the case, select all the accounts you want to import and you will see them in Emma.

In the case of Yolt, we are using the same exact system, as of today, so if you try again on both apps, you will see the same result.

No, Monthly Saver does not appear in the redirected Santander list of accounts so I can’t select it and it doesn’t then link to Emma. That’s the whole problem.
It does appear in the accounts list in the Santander app but not when redirected from Emma.
Yolt does recognise the Monthly Saver account and does link to it.
I’ve spoken with Santander tech support today and they checked and said it was all fine their end.
Has anyone else successfully linked Emma to a Santander Monthly Saver account ?

It’s working fine for me but I first connected to Santander over a year ago. I can’t remember if I have since been switched over to open banking or if I’m still using credential sharing for my Santander connection.

Do they redirect to the Santander app?

I’m not sure if Yolt redirects to the Santander app and I can’t check now as my accounts are already linked.

Okay, thanks.

There is an option on Emma to link ISAs - if you select that, you will be able to get the savings accounts right away.

In the meantime, we are checking why this isn’t the case. :slight_smile:

Using the ISA option and manually entering my details worked but now I’ve got 2 of every account ! I’ve just hidden the duplicates. Not ideal but at least I can see the Monthly Saver account. Thanks

Thanks for flagging this.

We usually merge the duplicates, but in this case, Santander is not returning enough information, so I suspect the merging algorithm is not working really well. :wink:

Same issue here with the monthly saver, and it doesn’t seem to be possible to add accounts via the non open banking mechanism anymore.

Any other way to get this working?

I’ve also lost access to monthly saver having now switched over to open banking Santander connection.

The open banking connection does still give me access to my easy access savings account though so some savings accounts are supported.

Basically the bank is removing all the ones that they define as “non payment accounts”.