Former Yolt User Here

Hello everyone,

I’ve switched over to Emma following the news that Yolt will be shut down in December.

I’ve been figuring everything out, much of it feels quite intuitive having been a Yolt user for a long time. So far, I’m liking the app, and I think that this community is great.

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I haven’t been able to find anything.

My favourite feature on Yolt is the Predicted Balance. This is calculated taking the total in your current accounts minus debt (credit cards) minus committed spending. It gives me an accurate idea of how much money I have left until pay day. Does Emma have something similar?

The closest thing I can find is the ‘this pay period’ tab. However this isn’t quite the same because it’s based on the budget and I don’t think it takes into account if you add money into your current account, although I might be wrong? Is there a feature like this, and if not, could it be considered?

For example, if I were to book a holiday I would use my credit card which I pay off in full every month (to get the cash back reward), then I would move the equivalent amount of money from my savings account into my current account to cover the credit card spend when it is eventually taken. In Yolt there wouldn’t be any change to my predicted balance, the money has come from my savings and I still have the same amount to play with until the next pay day. But I think in Emma it would look like I’ve over spent on my budget, have I got this right?

I hope this makes sense?

Hi Henry,

I am also a former Yolt user :blush:.
I think you can use the exclude function. Emma will just ignore your payment transfer.

Not sure if this is what you were talking about :face_with_monocle:

Yes, for each account we show “True Balance” which is available minus committed spend.

You just need to go to Accounts->Tap on an account (there will be two balances).

In Accounts at the top you can also find the Net Cash (Available minus Card spend) and in Analytics you can do payday to payday budgeting.

Hey @HenryKrinkle,

Just in case you need more information, you can read more about True Balance here

Thank you.

When I try to look at the true balance it says that I need to unlock it.

Does this mean it is only available on Emma Pro?

Yes, this is a new feature that we have recently introduced as part of our Emma Plus plan.

I’ve signed up to the trial of Emma Pro so that I can see the true balance.

However, my available balance and true balance appear to be the same number despite the fact that I have upcoming payments showing.

It also hasn’t taken into account the debt on the credit card that is debited from this current account. Is there any way to link my credit card so that the debt is subtracted from the current account to give me an accurate true balance please?

Apologies, I’ve just realised that on the Accounts page there is a number at the top which is the total of all current accounts minus the total of all credit card accounts. This is the info that I was after.

But is there anyway to give an option to make this total a true balance as well by subtracting all committed spending from all accounts?

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Can you ping live chat? It’s in the More tab. :slight_smile:

Is the credit card linked in the app? Does it show in your subscriptions list?

The true balance is inside of the account for each single account. The one at the top is just a graph over time so we are not excluding future payments.

Resurrecting this thread, I have a similar request. I would like to show the combined true balance of some of my accounts, so I can see how much money I have left until next pay day. For example, two of my current accounts, some of my Starling spaces minus one of my credit cards.

The total at the top of the Accounts page doesn’t help me as that includes ALL my accounts (including 0% credit card balances). I could hide those unwanted accounts but the top balance isn’t a true balance.

Ideally I’d like a “Leftover” amount to show under “This Pay Period”.