Revolut Pockets

Revolut Pockets are being classed as Savings in Emma when in fact they are just separate current account wallets used for paying regular bills. Can this be adjusted?

Hi @davold. I had a quick look at this and unfortunately Revolut’s APIs doesn’t have a way for us to understand automatically if an account is a Vault or a Pocket. They all show as “savings” to us.

You’ll need to adjust this manually in Emma: Change an account type | Emma App

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Thanks Antonio, I didn’t know I could do that. Does this then mean that payments coming out of that pocket will start showing correctly as Subscriptions?

They should show after a sync. If they don’t you can manually add them: Subscriptions | Emma App

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Would be good to have a thread on Revolut Pockets just started using them. Feels similar to the cash equivalent of ‘envelope budgeting’

I have most my expenses now setup in pockets.

A few I have not been able to though as it seems up to Revolut to decide whether you can label it as a subscription type payment or not which is a shame.

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I’m not on Revolut so not familiar with Pockets - is it just a way of moving money into different accounts for specific spending? I.e how I’d move money for rent/ bills into a separate current account?

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Yes exactly. I have a pocket for subscriptions like Spotify, Netflix etc and it can be auto funded at any date of the month then you don’t have to worry about not having funds in Revolut for it as it sits separate from your ‘current’ balance.

Also useful as I have subscriptions in different currencies so have £, € and $ pockets set up all auto funded at start of the month.

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Yeah you connect regular transactions to a ‘pocket
And schedule money to go into these pockets once a month or week etc.

For example now after I receive my income, all my expenses for the next month get spread into different pockets so I know all my bills and subscriptions will be getting taken care of. Then when the direct debit comes out or the Mastercard payment or standing order leaves my account it pulls it from the pocket you selected it to take it from. I have like 7-8 pockets set up

Killer feature as means none of the speedster current account effort to setup a similar thing and also you can name each pocket as you wish ‘Netflix’ ‘iCloud storage’ ‘Building Insurance Direct Debit’ ‘standing order to … ‘ etc etc

Pretty sweet

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How did you do it for different currencies???

I have a VPN in $ and wasn’t letting me set that up as a pocket.

I also regularly send a bank transfer (which can be included in pockets too) to another country and wasn’t letting me set that pocket up properly

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Revolut seems to decide if it is a recurring payment or not. You can’t decide yourself, so I must just get lucky with some of mine as I have subscriptions in different currencies.

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You can actually decide if it is a subscription type payment or not in the transaction details section of each transaction.

However Revolut decided which of these it is possible to do that on.

Not sure why they don’t just let you do it on any transaction

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